P5242177Brand new bass!

My collaboration with Axel Roks on a brand new electric bass worked out beyond my expectations.
Read below and visit Axels website for more photo’s.

Building sound

There are a lot of basses out there… How to choose wisely? Custom or vintage? Most probably when you run into your dream bass, it will be a 10.000-, jazz bass in a museum handcrafted by Leo himself. You’ll be poor, but safe! Here is my view on this everlasting bass-problem.

A musical instrument is a tool for your creative expression. Your talent deserves a good quality instrument that fits your needs. My mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda, says: “Art is not just decoration […] Art is the cry from the core of the soul of a human being”. Quite something isn’t it? We shouldn’t take this lightly, so neither should our choice of instrument.

For me, collaborating with Axel Roks to build an instrument is an important part of my development as a musician and artist. I didn’t want an instrument with a story of somebody else, like an old vintage that ran through the hands of a dozen others. I wanted a bass that is telling my story. Axel actually built my bass out of Dutch and Surinamese wood. Being born in Holland, and having my first touring experiences in Surinam, the material by itself is already telling my story. I didn’t even start playing it yet! The hardware and pick-ups were carefully selected for the edgy and rough sound I wanted for my Rock ‘n Roll, and the brightness and clarity I need for my jazz and contemporary projects.

I have my own preferences and opinions on how a bass should sound and look. It takes a good luthier to ‘build sound’ to your wishes, but it takes a genius to still be creative with the design. This is what a custom bass should be in my opinion.

Next to the fact that Axel takes time to get to understand his costumers wishes, the basic quality of his instruments is ridiculously good. The balance is amazing, the weight is perfect and the sustain is super stable all over the fretboard.

So, if you still have doubts, don’t try to compliment your talent with expensive antique. Elevate it with a piece of art by the hands of Axel Roks. He’s already 24 years old, so be quick.


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