There is a variety of arguments I could give on the importance of teaching music. But the most important one for me is showing people the power of art. And the knowledge and capabilities one must possess to create it too. In this time art, and music for that matter, is something that can easily be misunderstood. People often make the comparison between other working people and musicians: “Would you go to your local bakery and hand out free pies at your wedding for his “exposure”?”.
There is a truth in this way of thinking. Mainly because bakers work at night to give people the energy they need during the day too…
I realized that there is only two constructive ways to gain peoples attention to listen to something new. Working extremely hard to make beautiful music and invest every minute you are awake in rehearsing, gigging and promoting, and second: teaching children.
My site is filled with examples of great music. But a lot of my attention and time goes out to teaching kids about music in primary schools in Rotterdam. In these schools there is a large variety of cultural backgrounds. Here is the most perfect opportunity for teachers to contribute to our future society. In my lessons every kid has to bring something that has something to do with music for a little “show and tell”, I call it “listen and tell”. And because of the large variety in culture the results are beautiful. Turkish, African and Moroccan instruments, pictures of weddings with music, CD’s, little brothers and sisters dragged to school to perform. It’s just amazing. These kids seem to have nothing in common. And yet they connect through culture. I wish little Geert was in my class 5 decades ago…

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